Meeting Plans – Monday 23rd October

This coming Monday we have Part Two of Richard and Kevin’s Basics of Portrait Photography series.

In this session we will be exploring the basic set ups required for simple yet effective studio portraiture. We will be looking at what you can achieve using a one light set up (either a studio flash or off camera speedlight), one light and a reflector and time, permitting, a two light set up.

Kevin will take you through the settings you’ll need and how to achieve the perfect exposure before handing over to Richard who will then guide you through some key lighting effects.

Although this is not a full practical evening feel free to bring along your cameras as there will be an opportunity to try the kit out and take a few shots to experiment with the settings and exposures.

Don’t forget we will also be in the larger Cafe area on the ground floor of the Baptist Church rather than in the normal room upstairs…

Masterclass in Black and White Printing

Some members might be interested in an evening workshop being run by the Cotswold Monochrome Group.

They would like to welcome visitors to this masterclass in producing black and white photographs.
The evening will start at 7.30pm on Monday 23rd October 2017

The Venue is Upton St Leonards Village Hall, 13 Bonded Road, Upton St Leonards, Gloucester GL4 8AG
There will be a small charge of £3.00 for visitors.

12MC – October Subjects

12 Month Challenge Subjects – October (the final set…)
  • Portrait – Self Portrait, it ends where it began, shoot another self portrait a year on from the last. See how much you’ve changed as a photographer as well as a person in the last 12 months.
  • Landscape – Colourful, Find a scene that packs a punch and cram as colour much as you can into one final image.
  • Creative – Nostalgia, use a memory or an old keepsake for inspiration. Long for the moments and memories that mean so much and remember the good times.
  • Technical – Up on high, use the opposite perspective to last month and look for a high vantage point to shoot down onto your chosen subject.

Basics of Portrait Photography Talk

Following Monday’s Basics of Portrait Photography talk, hosted by Kevin and Richard, a few members asked if it would be possible to share the information slides shown.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to upload the slides from Kevin’s part of the meeting, however, below you’ll find a brief summary of the info covered (along with links to the videos shown) and a copy of the slides from Richard’s part of the talk…

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