12MC – June Subjects

12 Month Challenge Subjects for June

  • Portrait – Street, Candid portraits in the street are a challenge for many photographers. Show us life in your town through the lens of your camera.
  • Landscape – A Tree, Some of the most famous landscape images in the world include a tree. Show us what you can come up with.
  • Creative – Patterns, Be inspired by the rhythm that a good use of patterns can bring to an image.
  • Technical – The rule of Thirds, Compose an image to reflect the perfect use of the Rule of Thirds. A landscape or still life the choice is yours.

12MC – May Subjects

12 Month Challenge Subjects for May

  • Portrait – Hands, Usually the face and eyes are the key component of a good portrait. For this challenge focus on the hands to create a different view.
  • Landscape – Waterscape, ocean, river, lake, pond or puddle. Make water the primary focus for this landscape image.
  • Creative – Nature, get up close and personal and show what Mother Nature has on offer in a new and creative way…
  • Technical – Shadows, The opposite of light is dark, the absence of light is shadow. Interpret this into a master piece exposing your shot to incorporate the shadows.