Competition Subjects 2017/18

Hi All,

As announced at the 2017 AGM the 5 General Competition subjects for the 2017/18 season are as follows:

  • Competition A – Patterns and Shapes (submission date 18/09/2017)
  • Competition B – Movement (submission date 16/10/2017)
  • Competition C – The Decisive Moment (submission date 13/11/2017)
  • Competition D – Urban (submission date 08/01/2018)
  • Competition E – Water in All Forms (submission date 12/02/2018)

Time to get your cameras out and start planning your entries…

Presidents Cup 2017-18 Fresh Air

As announced at the AGM last week the subject for The Presidents Cup for 2017-18 is ‘Fresh Air’

By Fresh Air this is to be any image taken at The Fresh Air Sculpture Exhibition in Quennington.

The exhibition runs from 11th June to 2nd July 2017 in Quennington.

For full details of whats on offer and information on admission please see their website at

Knockout Print Competition Details

Knock Out Print Competition on 8 May

This will be our Fourth Knockout Print Competition.  A fun evening and an opportunity for all members to enter their prints without any critical judge’s comments.

Instead of an external judge prints are judged by club members.  Prints will be presented in pairs to members in turn.  The member then has to decide which one they like best.  The losing print is then discarded.  The process continues until all prints have been presented.

The process then repeats with the remaining prints until 3 prints remain.

The remaining prints are displayed to allow all members to vote for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places.

The Knock Out Print Competition Rules have been slightly changed for this year with a £10 voucher for the winner!  We want as many entries as possible.

For full rules please read on…

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