Knockout Print Competition Details

Knock Out Print Competition on 8 May

This will be our Fourth Knockout Print Competition.  A fun evening and an opportunity for all members to enter their prints without any critical judge’s comments.

Instead of an external judge prints are judged by club members.  Prints will be presented in pairs to members in turn.  The member then has to decide which one they like best.  The losing print is then discarded.  The process continues until all prints have been presented.

The process then repeats with the remaining prints until 3 prints remain.

The remaining prints are displayed to allow all members to vote for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places.

The Knock Out Print Competition Rules have been slightly changed for this year with a £10 voucher for the winner!  We want as many entries as possible.

For full rules please read on…

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Annual Competition Details

Annual Competition on 24 April (Submission of Entries 3 April).

The Annual Competition has the following Classes:

  • Leonard Jones Cup – Open Projected Image
  • Dennis Moss Memorial Trophy – Open Print
  • Cavandish Cup – Black & White Print (option of one colour)
  • Logan Shield – “Humour” – Print judged by members on night of Awards.
  • Miles Shield – Image taken on a Practical Night or Club Outing
    • Limited to this year’s practical nights and outings.  ie from May 2016 to march 2017.
  • Pitchers Trophy – Projected or Prints on “A PEOPLE PICTURE FROM A COTSWOLD EVENT TAKEN BETWEEN  JUNE 2016 AND FEB 2017”
  • New Member – Open Any Format
  • Gladiator Trophy – Aviation – Any Format

5 in 10 – 27th March.

Calling all club members – including all new members.

Please bring along some images (digital or print) for essentially a “show and tell” evening on the 27th March (the programme says up to 5 images but bring more if you wish – if time permits we can show more than just the 5 requested).

Tell us about your favourite photos (they don’t even have to be yours), why you took them (if you did), what makes you tick, what you enjoy about photography and what you don’t enjoy etc.

Get feedback from all the club members rather than just an individual judge. Receive praise and constructive ideas that you may not of thought about on how to improve the images shown (if they need it).

You don’t need to worry about resizing the images for projection, as its not a competition, we can show them in any format you choose!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to e-mail me or speak to me on Monday evening

Shaun – Contact me through the club website if you don’t have my e-mail address.

Monday 13th March – A talk by Richard Olpin LRPS.

Monday 13th March – A talk by Richard Olpin LRPS.

“One of the best nights of the season” and “Brilliant evening” were some of the comments received at the end of presentation by Richard Olpin last night.

Richard explained himself as a “maverick”. He shoots what he enjoys and does not really care about what others think of his photos! Well, I believe by the comments received that we all enjoyed his presentation last night, from his early photos as a 9/10 year old through to where he is now. A journey of landscapes, creative, monochrome and portraiture (and a combination of all of them together). He showed us some exotic locations that he likes to take his models (deep into unused tunnels and abandoned buildings), lighting techniques, funny stories about location shooting with nude models and his outlook on the uses of Photoshop (including some basic techniques he uses) and how the old masters like Ansel Adams used the darkroom in the same way that modern day digital photographers use Photoshop. Who says they got it right in Camera? “If Ansel Adams were alive today, you can guarantee he would be using Photoshop”!

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable evening. We will be seeing Richard back in the coming seasons for more of his talks going by the reaction from the club members last night….Excellent stuff!

Stratton Camera Club Battle

Hi All,

As Patrick mentioned on Monday evening we have our annual TriBattle with Stratton and Windrush Valley Camera Clubs on Wednesday 15th March.

The TriBattle is a unique kind of competition where images from all three clubs are projected simultaneously and the judge ranks the three images 1st, 2nd & 3rd then the club with the highest score at the end of the night takes home the bragging rights for the next twelve months…

This year it is Stratton Camera Clubs turn as host and proceedings are due to kick off at 19.30 with visitors welcome from 18.30 onwards.

If you’d like to attend this fun evening and meet a few members from a couple of our local clubs the address details are:

Meadowcroft Community Centre,
Addison Crescent,
Upper Stratton
Fingers crossed we come home victorious… 

Practical Night – Monday 27th Feb

The practical night hosted by John and Kevin on Monday 27th February will give you an opportunity to explore two different styles of Macro/Close Up photography. 

John will be running a session on the techniques he uses to capture Flowers while Kevin will be showing you how to achieve some surreal images using glass and water droplets…

These are a couple of examples of the type of images you’ll be learning how to create on the night.





Don’t forget to bring your cameras with you so you can implement the techniques on show and capture a few images of your own.