12MC – October Subjects

12 Month Challenge Subjects – October (the final set…)
  • Portrait – Self Portrait, it ends where it began, shoot another self portrait a year on from the last. See how much you’ve changed as a photographer as well as a person in the last 12 months.
  • Landscape – Colourful, Find a scene that packs a punch and cram as colour much as you can into one final image.
  • Creative – Nostalgia, use a memory or an old keepsake for inspiration. Long for the moments and memories that mean so much and remember the good times.
  • Technical – Up on high, use the opposite perspective to last month and look for a high vantage point to shoot down onto your chosen subject.

12MC – September Subjects

12 Month Challenge Subjects – September

  • Portrait – Environmental, Show a subject in their natural surroundings, be it a hobby, a craft or a place of work, tell their story within their own environment.
  • Landscape – Mono, Look for a scene with great contrast and shoot a classic landscape in mono.
  • Creative – Food, Take your food photography to the next level. Turn your lunch into a work of art…
  • Technical – Get low down and dirty, Every image from every photographer will look the same of shot at eye level. Try getting low down for an alternative perspective on a common scene.