Vignettes 2

CCC Club Vignettes 2

Hi everyone
Just a short Vignettes this time.

Caron Steele
Following Caron’s excellent talk last Monday, do have a look at her website for tips on taking wildlife pictures. You can find it on

I am chasing the name of the charity which Caron donated last week’s fee to.

Another exhibition for you!
Compton Verney art gallery and park is staging a photography exhibition called “Magnum Manifesto – Capturing the world through over 70 years of photography” it runs from the 12th October to the 15th Dec. The webpage says:

“In 1947, following the aftermath of the Second World War, four pioneering photographers founded a now legendary alliance, combining an extraordinary range of individual styles into one powerful collaboration: The Magnum Photos agency. Magnum Photos represents some of the world’s most renowned photographers, sharing a vision to chronicle world events, people, places and culture with a powerful narrative that defies convention, redefines history and transforms lives. The exhibition captures over 70 years of history and presents the greatest events of the era alongside the more commonplace moments of everyday life.”

For more details see

Magnum Manifesto

Photography News
Photography News is a free publication which you can subscribe to via their website However, they also supply Camera Clubs with hard copies, so I have signed us up for about 8 hard copies which I’ll bring along when I get them to share out. It’s a good read with editorials from other clubs, competition details and results and the inevitable review of that must have Camera gadget you haven’t got (but have you missed it?!)

“Bits & Bobs”
After the last couple of weeks, it struck us that we could usefully have an additional field on the website to provide advice on items like recommended Apps, photo travel companies, specialist clothing makers etc. We could also paste in “Vignettes” as well, as they appear.

That being the case, could we start by asking you to give us the name of your favourite Apps. I’m aware that Mike C, Colin, Ben J (the 2nd) and Shaun all use Apps for everything from aperture, exposure settings, weather, Astro, tides, sunsets, compass etc etc. Just let us know and we will start an App data base as a club resource. Could you add just a few words to describe what it does. There’s a lot of Apps out there so recommended ones might save us all a lot of time.

That’s it, Cheers
Martyn & Mike (Joint Programme Secs)


Hi Everyone,

Just a quick roundup of club stuff.

Monday 7th October
Just a reminder that we have a talk by Caron Steele next Monday on world travel with a wildlife slant. 

Caron took up photography as a hobby 5 years ago. She has specialised in wildlife photography and finds it a great form of stress relief in a very busy and hectic world.  Caron comments:
“So many of us are so busy that we never stop to smell the roses. Don’t get me wrong, I am still hectic running offices, a wedding venue and conference centre on our farm but taking time out to focus on something completely different improves my performance and well-being rather than hinders it.  Photography has been my escape and helps brings me balance. I believe passionately in conservation and now I want to give a little back.”
After purchasing her first DSLR in May 2014 Caron has been on a steep learning curve, with the help of many U-tube videos, joining fotobuzz -  an online photography group, and asking everyone and anyone she met for advice, Caron is starting to become recognised as a competent wildlife photographer. She has had many wonderful photographic opportunities travelling around the world in pursuit of her hobby.
In 2016 she entered her first photography competition - Outdoor Photographer of the Year, and was delighted to have one of her images commended and published in the 2016 Outdoor Photographer of the Year book. After that she got the bug and has entered about 3-4 national competitions a year with some success.
2017 British Wildlife Photography Awards  -  Coast & Marine Category Winner
2017 Nature’s Best Photography Awards Africa  -  Mammal Portraits Category Winner
2017 Nature’s Best Backyards Photography Competition Winner
2018 National Geographic Traveller Photography Competition Portfolio Runner Up
2019 Bird Photographer of the Year also Best Portrait Gold Award and People’s Choice Award.

October 29th - Street photography practical day

We now have 9 club members signed up for the street photography practical day in Cheltenham on Tuesday the 29th Oct with Damien Demolder. This follows the talk from Damien and Adrian Vince (Panasonic ambassadors) at club’s preceding Monday night meeting. The maximum number of members Damien can take is 15 although I suspect there may be some flexibility (I have enquired). The cost is £35 per head so don’t leave it too late if you want to come.

Club subscriptions.

My namesake (the treasurer) is off on holiday for a few weeks so I have the forms etc for any of those members who have not yet paid their annual subs. All new members are welcome of course.

British wildlife photography awards 2019

The BWPA 2019 touring exhibition arrives at the Nature In Art, Twigworth, museum and art gallery on the 22nd October and runs until 22nd December. Along with the international Wildlife Photographer of the year, (which also visits Nature In Art in the new year) it’s a terrific exhibition and one not to miss whether or not you are into this genre. The youth category is always embarrassingly good!

That’s it. See you Monday.

Martyn Smith
Mike Cheeseman 
Joint Club programme secs

Away Battle vs. Wantage, Calne and Swindon

As Patrick mentioned at Monday's meeting we are in battle with Swindon Photographic Society,
Calne Camera Club and Wantage Camera Club on Thursday 26th September. The battle will be held
at The Western Community Centre, Somerset Rd, Rodbourne, Swindon SN2 1NF with a kick off time
of 19.30. 
Each club will have a total of 20 images submitted. Images are viewed and judged on the night
by an independent judge who will then offer a critique on the image and give it a score from
0 to 20. Each individual image score will then be added together to generate the overall club
score. These battles are a great opportunity for members to see what standards are being
achieved by other clubs in our area as well as meet and chat with some of their members.