Competition A 2017/18 results

Full breakdown of results of Competition A 2017/18


Set Subject (Patterns and shapes)


Commended – Paul Jones, Peggy Howard

Highly Commended – David Wallis, Martyn Smith

Third Place – Kevin Joynes-Creed

Second Place – John Hankin

First Place – Shaun Little


Commended – Paul Jones, Mike Cheeseman, Val Thomas

Highly Commended – Brian Dinnage, Brian Shoosmith

Third Place – David Wallis

Second Place – Peggy Howard

First Place – Shaun Little



Commended – Carol Thorne

Highly Commended – Alan Barker, Shaun Little

Third Place – Martyn Smith

Second Place – John Hankin

First Place – Kevin Joynes-Creed


Commended – John Jones, Dean Heritage

Highly Commended – John Spreadbury, Mike Cheeseman, Ben Jarvis, John Hankin

Third Place – Shaun Little

Second Place – Richard Sudbury

First Place – Martyn Smith