Vignettes 2

CCC Club Vignettes 2

Hi everyone
Just a short Vignettes this time.

Caron Steele
Following Caron’s excellent talk last Monday, do have a look at her website for tips on taking wildlife pictures. You can find it on

I am chasing the name of the charity which Caron donated last week’s fee to.

Another exhibition for you!
Compton Verney art gallery and park is staging a photography exhibition called “Magnum Manifesto – Capturing the world through over 70 years of photography” it runs from the 12th October to the 15th Dec. The webpage says:

“In 1947, following the aftermath of the Second World War, four pioneering photographers founded a now legendary alliance, combining an extraordinary range of individual styles into one powerful collaboration: The Magnum Photos agency. Magnum Photos represents some of the world’s most renowned photographers, sharing a vision to chronicle world events, people, places and culture with a powerful narrative that defies convention, redefines history and transforms lives. The exhibition captures over 70 years of history and presents the greatest events of the era alongside the more commonplace moments of everyday life.”

For more details see

Magnum Manifesto

Photography News
Photography News is a free publication which you can subscribe to via their website However, they also supply Camera Clubs with hard copies, so I have signed us up for about 8 hard copies which I’ll bring along when I get them to share out. It’s a good read with editorials from other clubs, competition details and results and the inevitable review of that must have Camera gadget you haven’t got (but have you missed it?!)

“Bits & Bobs”
After the last couple of weeks, it struck us that we could usefully have an additional field on the website to provide advice on items like recommended Apps, photo travel companies, specialist clothing makers etc. We could also paste in “Vignettes” as well, as they appear.

That being the case, could we start by asking you to give us the name of your favourite Apps. I’m aware that Mike C, Colin, Ben J (the 2nd) and Shaun all use Apps for everything from aperture, exposure settings, weather, Astro, tides, sunsets, compass etc etc. Just let us know and we will start an App data base as a club resource. Could you add just a few words to describe what it does. There’s a lot of Apps out there so recommended ones might save us all a lot of time.

That’s it, Cheers
Martyn & Mike (Joint Programme Secs)