Vignettes 3

Vignettes 3

Hi everyone,

Bits and pieces
Thanks for the positive responses to “Vignettes”. We realise that not all new members emails are on our database yet which we will sort out. However the bulletin is on the Club Website so hopefully it will reach everyone. Also, both our email addresses have been added to the end of this bulletin to make it easier to communicate.

Well done all those who picked up places at last week’s round 1 judging. Entries for Round 2 have to be in next Monday. See Jamie’s recent email.

Shaun Little’s presentation – Monday 21st October

Just to let you know that Club stalwart, Shaun Little, has very kindly offered to give us a presentation on his photography experiences in Wales and Cornwall. As some of you will know, Shaun will be embarking on a career change in a couple of years’ time following Honda’s decision to pull out of the UK and where better to try out his burgeoning photo presentations than amongst friends at the Club. As Shaun comments:

“I’ve been a member of Cirencester Camera Club since 2007, so now in my 12th year as a member, I think I must currently be the longest serving member of the Camera Club. I watched and studied other people’s photos, learned new techniques and slowly watched my photography improve (hopefully!).

Photography for me has purely been a hobby, however as time has progressed and my career path is coming to a slightly earlier end with being made redundant in 2021 from Honda, I find myself looking to the future and ideas of how I can take my hobby and try to pass on my gained knowledge to others either through Photography itself (classroom sessions or practical on site workshops) or my other passion of Photo manipulation in Photoshop (along with other ideas for something to do as I take early retirement – such as a “handyman” being a fully qualified engineer).

My main Photography passion is Landscapes although for those that know me I do dabble in most genres (apart from wildlife). I am always looking to improve on my photography by pushing myself harder to get what is in my mind which isn’t always reflected in what comes out of my camera!

Although I like to travel the world, I don’t think there is anywhere quite like home, so I thought that I would share with you two areas of the country that I love and which are easily accessible within a few hours drive from Cirencester. Cornwall, which we hope to relocate to in a few years as my daughter now lives in that part of the country and North Wales, particularly the Snowdonia area (although I have no clue how to pronounce most of the place names)!

I believe that repeated visits improves your understanding of that location which in turn improves your photography until you finally get photos of a place that you are truly happy with. Although I am not there yet myself, I am getting there!”

We know that Shaun has spent over 100 hours putting together Monday’s presentation which we are sure will be terrific, if his photoshop tutorials are anything to go by.

Wildlife Photographer of the year 2019

The Wildlife photographer of the year award has just been announced and you can see the fantastic winning images on the Natural History Museum website

The photos go on tour and arrive at Nature In Art, Twigworth, around springtime next year. Once we have the dates, we will let you know.

Go to Photography Apps

Thanks to Mike Cheeseman and Colin Hoskin who have kicked off the photography Apps list by adding the following:

Mike’s Apps
TrueDoF-Pro (Depth of Field calculator).
I find this very useful to remind me just how little DoF I have in situations when I think there would be a lot more. Useful for both landscape and macro work.

TPE (The Photographer’s Ephemeris). Landscape photography app.
Shows details of sun & moon (time, directions, elevations) and uses ground topography for line of sight information.

Colin’s Apps
Slow Shutter – which allows long exposures with mobile phone cameras.

AccuWeather – a great weather app which pretty much tells you how many minutes it’s going to be before the rain comes down on your EXACT location (eg house or office)! In my experience it’s 80%ish accurate.

Stocking – an iPhone camera only photo library (run by Alamy). Essentially – make a pic with your iPhone. Edit the photo as necessary. Upload to Stockimo via the app. Title the image. Add tags for prospective clients to use for search purposes. Answer a few other easy questions about the pic. Then await a rating – anything between 1 to 4 days (on average). Pics are rated 1-4 by their editors/curators. Any pic rated above 2 is accepted and added to the Alamy collection for sale. I’d be happy to discuss this App further with anybody at an upcoming meeting.

Snapseed – as per my previous presentation. A great App to process in phone pictures taken on your mobile.

Any other Apps members want to add, please let us know.
That’s it. See you on Monday.
Martyn (; Mike (