Vignettes 4

Vignettes 4

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Shaun for a great presentation last Monday. You can see that he put a lot of time and effort into it. Given that he wasn’t able to share his Cornwall photos in the time available, we are working with him on a spare date in the new year to present this part of the talk. By the way, as we are guinea pigs, all feedback to Shaun will be gratefully received. He won’t mind us copying his email to us this week:

“You never know how these things are going to be taken, whether it came across as holiday snaps, monotonous, boring or actually interesting? Any feedback whatsoever would be helpful in fine tuning the presentation and also taking out what wasn’t so good and putting more in what was good for this and the Cornwall presentations.
I didn’t want to just show very good or amazing shots, I wanted failures as well as standard shots to show to people as I don’t think there is anything worse than seeing hundreds of amazing photos and thinking, “I have no hope!”
So please let me know anything negative or positive that you or anyone says to you about last night please. As they say, we can only learn by our mistakes!”

Adrian Vince and Damien Demolder talk/street workshop

This week’s Club night talk by Adrian Vince and Damien Demolder “Light and life on the streets” will be followed up the next day (Tuesday) in Cheltenham by a street workshop. At the time of writing 12 club members have signed up for Tuesday’s workshop so we still have spaces left.

Adrian is the training and development specialist for Panasonic having worked for the company for 6 years. He has trained staff all across the South West on imaging as well as all other Panasonic products and also attends imaging events across the country to speak to customers face to face regarding Panasonic products. Adrien has supported Damien for most of his talks at various events.

In this heavily illustrated talk Damien will explain his approach to street photography, and how he uses light and exposure to grab the attention of the viewer. The talk is instructive as well as fun, and you will come away with new concepts to think about and a new way of looking at street photography. To get you in the mood, Damien’s website is

Street Photography Workshop Tuesday 29th Oct

This is a practical hands-on day of learning how to improve your street photography through seeing in new ways. Damien demonstrates a range of principles around using light, finding backgrounds and working in public areas, and then helps the group to find their own way at their own pace. It’s a day suitable for all levels of experience, and is certain to change the way you see and shoot – no matter what subjects you are usually interested in.

Cameras and lenses will be provided, so you only need to bring your imagination. However, because of familiarity, I will ask Damien if we can bring our own kit if we want to.

Damien comments “I propose for us to meet in Cafe Nero in Regent’s Street – at the moment. I’d like to start in that area but the Nero is a bit small so will look for somewhere close by that is a bit more suitable – suggestions gratefully received. Ideally somewhere quiet with an area we can use away from the crowd – an upstairs or downstairs – pub or cafe etc.”

We can talk about meeting anyway on Monday night. If you are going on Tuesday but can’t make Monday night, let Mike or me know. It might also be a good idea for those going to let us have their mobile phone number. Anyone who hasn’t yet paid, John Smith will be back on Monday. The workshop on Tuesday meets up at 9.30am for a 10.00 start. Finish is at 4.00 pm.

Doug Allan: Wild Images, Wild Life Theatre Tour, 19:30 Friday 01 Nov 2019
Pittville Pump Room, Pittville Pump Room

I saw Doug Allen a couple of years ago and his shows are always entertaining, having worked with David Attenborough on his various spectacular tv programmes in recent years. He is on tour again and is in Cheltenham on Friday 1st Nov. As the advert says “Join multi-award winning wildlife cameraman Doug Allan for an evening of behind the scenes stories for all the family, with highlights from the most challenging assignments of his 35 years filming wildlife in the remotest places on Earth.”

The last time I checked, there were spare tickets.
That’s it, see you next Monday
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