Vignettes 5

Vignettes 5

Hi everyone
Well, what a cracking night we had with Damien Demolder and Adrian Vince last Monday. Hugely informative in demonstrating a different way of approaching street photography interspersed with a “light touch” not to mention good humour. Tuesday’s workshop proved equally engaging as we put theory into practice and dispelled our trepidation about photographing people close to. I think we all felt that, by the end of the (not exactly warm!) day, we had the confidence to take our street photography to the next level. If we could distil down some of Damien’s central messages it would be to:
1. Observe how light affects the subject and surroundings and how your positioning is important to capture the moment.
2. Regularly consider reducing stop values (surprisingly as much as 4 stops) to highlight the subject and counteract the camera’s tendency to “average” the light it receives which can “flatten” an image.
3. Observe your surroundings/context/backdrop to influence the type of shot you want to grab and type of person to help project the image’s message.
4. Don’t be afraid to go in close to people (nobody died!) to bring your picture alive.
5. Use a shallow depth of field to highlight the subject.
6. Look at leading lines, angles, squares and elements in the scene which help to paint the structure of the image.
I think the general feeling was that cameras with flick out screens made it easier for us to capture the moment unobtrusively whereas using a viewfinder tended to make the taker more obtrusive which affected people’s natural reaction which, in turn, was to avoid the camera. On that note I was (despite being a Canon man) very impressed with the speed and functionality of the Lumix GX9 mirrorless on loan. That we didn’t get the Lumix “hard sell” on either of the two days made the event that much more enjoyable. However, it would be churlish not to mention that we were given discount vouchers for anyone wishing to buy a Lumix Camera so get in touch if you need more info.

Gloucester Cathedral- Museum of the Moon – Wednesday 16 October – Monday 4 November

This is from the Cathedral’s website:
As part of the Strike A Light season, Museum of the Moon takes up residence at Gloucester Cathedral. In the year that marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, wonder at Luke Jerram’s internally lit replica of the moon as it floats in the Nave. Experience the exquisite detail of the lunar surface and accompanying atmospheric soundscapes. With a full programme of special events, late night openings and quiet times, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

It looks like an interesting photo opportunity. For more information, have a look at the website.

Photoshop alternative
Jamie Stenson has been in touch regarding an alternative to Photoshop. He says:
“Hi Mike and Martyn. Here’s a link to the Affinity Photo deal that I mentioned. It’s a cheaper alternative to Photoshop I.e. a pixel editor, not like Lightroom. Currently available for £23.99.”–off-affinity-photo-software-offer-is-back—34048

The Club Website

Avid visitors to the Club website may have noticed some erratic goings on recently such as a missing home page. This is mainly down to an inexperienced administrator (Mike!) trying to get to grips with WordPress and its ‘widgets’. Progress is slow but is generally going in the right direction. Also, we have had some feedback recently that the website is looking dated and could do with an update. If anyone has any specific suggestions or can point to some exemplar club sites, please let us know.

Next Monday

Next Monday is judging night so do come along to see how your Fauna and Flora Set subject pictures fared not to mention your Open comp ones. Good luck all those who entered.

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